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Due to the features of cosmetics, It is necessary to pay attention to laws and regulations for makeup and skincare products of different countries , Jotim have a professional consultant team to provide you with recommendations on how to register and avoid the legal risks.

Legal services

From raw material, formulas to product delivery,  provide the best solution to avoid legal risks and save time &cost,according to your market regulations and product requirements.


Legal services





Environmental Protection





European Union(EU) is a big market for cosmetics. Many world-famous cosmetic companies and brands locate here. The EU Commission issues the directives to regulate cosmetics. Now the suitable directives for cosmetics are EC No. 1223/2009, which contains 1 GMPC; 2 Product Test reports; 3 Cosmetics Safety Assessment; 4 Product Ingredients Files(PIF); 5 Cosmetic Product Safety Report(CPFR) etc.

EU Regulations


The U.S.A is the Top 1 country to consume cosmetic products now in the world. The annual average amount for cosmetic products is around USD 300 per person. So there are strict regulations on cosmetic products. US FDA(Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for regulating cosmetic products.


There are TWO important Acts related to cosmetic regulation in the US. One is The United States Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C) and the other is Fair Packaging Labeling Act (FPLA).

USFDA Regulations


The cosmetic industry in China grows very fast in recent years. In 2021, the Chinese government enacted updated Cosmetic regulations. The new policy has wider and deeper regulations on the cosmetic industry. China National Medical Products Administration(NMPA) is responsible for enforcing this regulation.

China Regulations

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