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Beyond Beauty| Beauty Innovative Factory JOTIM

Beauty of Intelligence

Built in intelligence base meets international level

Founded in 2005, Jotim has been iterative upgraded from time to time more than 20 years. Jotim is grown into an innovation-driven cosmetic R&D contract manufacture. New factory occupying an area of 50,000 square meters, with a 100,000-grade dust-free purification workshop equipped with automatic ozone disinfection sterilization system and medical-grade water purification system.  Nearly 40 high-level production lines in line with the international standards. World leading equipment such as homogeneous emulsification, mixing and making 33 sets of equipment. The capacity is up to 1.2 million pieces a day.

Beauty of Digitalizing

Digital Empowerment: Efficiency and Quality

Jotim builds own COSMES system that integrate all the module from warehouse, ERP, WMS, LIMS, production and delivery.

COSMES system not only touch base on from idea but also valids all the process to production of finished goods. Ultimate goal of COSMES is to visualize and tracked production efficiency and product quality for each product.

Beauty of Innovation

Power of Innovation: Leads Market

R&D is the core driving force in beauty industry among market competitiveness. Jotim invested heavily in R&D department. There are more than 50 researchers to come out innovative formula that meet market requirements. In addition, Jotim invest leading equipment for testing and inspecting through developments. That less 5 company owns these equipment in entire China.

The R&D center has a huge database of mature formulas, and jointly researches and develops technologies with many professional scientific research institutes and colleges and universities at home and abroad, and carries out a wide range of academic research and development cooperation, and has been awarded the qualification of "National High-Tech Enterprise", "Research and Development Center of Natural Household Products" and the qualification of "Natural Household Products Research and Development Center" of Zhejiang Province for its solid technical advantages. With solid technical advantages, the company has been awarded the qualification of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Research and Development Center for Natural Household Products" in Zhejiang Province and more than 30 patents for formulation-related inventions, which has given profound R&D background for Jotim.

Beauty of Quality

Stringent quality, creating excellent product genes

Quality, Quality,and Quality is main point for the production. Jotim insists on "taking care of the products with mother's love" as the consistent product manufacturing standard, from planning, research and development, purchasing, production to transportation, the whole process has a systematic and strict quality control process, and the strict quality of the products creates excellent product genes.


All quality is built on safety, Jotim has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and has obtained authoritative certificates such as ISO45001, ISO14001, ISO22716, GMPC, BSIC and standardized good practices.

Beauty of Products

Market driven in trend Products

It is important to study different markets. Consumer insight and markets are different from region to region. Our marketing team foreseen the product trend of upcoming season to prepare in advance of one stop solution to creates potential hero products. It covers almost all the categories of color cosmetic, skin care, and personal care.

Beauty of Service

Evolving service to win-win

Jotim believes that cosmetic products are a perfect combination of technology and art. In addition to guaranteeing product quality, Jotim also emphasizes the use of art and innovative design to enhance the effectiveness and sensibility of products.

Beauty of Green

Sustainability and Social responsibility

At our new factory, new facility that help reduce carbon emission, water wastage, power saving to create environment friendly factory.


Carbon Emission Reduction - Rooftop Photovoltaic Project

  • Total installed capacity 815.10kwp

  • Estimated annual power generation of 879,200 kWh

  • Saving 690 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year

Water Conservation - Water Utilization Project in Pure Water System

  • Saving more than 600 tons of water per year


Electricity saving - energy-saving electrical appliances combined with daily electricity management

  • Water-cooled integrated air conditioner replaces air heat pump units, saving 420,000 kWh of electricity annually;

  • Adopting frequency conversion air compressor to replace fixed frequency air compressor, saving 100,000 kWh of electricity per year.

Beyond Beauty

What is next for Jotim

Jotim will further build an new facility that will meet FDA OTC certification for producing sunscreen, OTC skin care, OTC makeup. In additional, not only USA but world with these products categories, but also domestic and other part of world to using same standard to produce. It will be a valuable investment for brands that they can proudly to claim its from OTC facility from Jotim.

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