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R&D field

Raw Materials

Cosmetics R&d


  • Cosmetics

  • Skincare

  • Body products

  • Functional cosmetics

  • Natural cosmetics

  • Natural skin care

  • Dermatology

  • Safety evaluation

  • Efficacy evaluation

  • Instrumental analysis

  • Microbiological analysis

  • Packaging research 

  • Natural raw materials research


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Cosmetics -

Let beauty bloom, not only let every beauty lover  show the best of themselves through our products,but also maintain the skin.  

Main products:

lipstick, lip gloss/liquid eyeliner, mascara/eye shadow,blush/foundation, primer /powder, loose powder/all cosmetics  

Production processes-10.png

Body Products - 

Make skin more beautiful on the basis of clean and healthy.

Main products:

body cleaning/body care  

Production processes-09.png

Skin Care -

For the health and beauty of skin, we consult science and technology, study how to meet the needs of consumers, and develop products meet international standards.

Main products: toner/lotion/serum/cream/cleansing/mask/skin care products

Production processes-11.png

Functional Cosmetics - 

Obtain the highest standard efficacy cosmetics certification from the CFDA, and continue to develop products with excellent efficacy.


Main products:

anti-wrinkle/whitening/sunscreen and other functional cosmetics  

Production processes-12.png

Natural Cosmetics Category - 

Meet market demand, combined with eastern medicine and western science, break through the functional limitations of cosmetics, let cosmetics care skin.

Production processes-13.png

Natural skin care -

Combine eastern medicine and western science to make skin care products more natural and health. 


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Dermatology - 

Based on the understanding of skin structure and function, we study anti-aging products and products to solve skin problems caused by environmental changes. For skin science research, we specially built cell culture room and clinical laboratory to conduct clinical trials on human skin and further study dermatol.

Production processes-15.png

Safety Evaluation -

To establish and guarantee the safety quality of new raw materials and new products through safety evaluation.

Production processes-16.png

Efficacy Evaluation -

Jotim has established its own efficacy evaluation laboratory, which reflects the differentiation of efficacy of new raw materials and products through efficacy evaluation. It not only uses a variety of cultured skin cells for efficacy evaluation, but also uses cutting-edge skin analyzer for analysis.  

Production processes-17.png

Instrumental Analysis -

Ensure product safety and efficacy by testing and verifying the quality specifications of new raw materials and new products.

Production processes-18.png

Microbiological Analysis - 

Through microbial detection of raw materials and products, make minimizing microbial contamination of final products as the goal, set and maintain the microbial quality management system, to provide customers with safe products. 

Production processes-19.png

Packaging Research -

Through the confirmation of the physical and chemical stability of cosmetic containers, the goal is to ensure the quality of products. At the same time, the implementation of content compatibility test, to protect the quality of content in the environment of consumers, in addition to confirm whether the container itself can maintain the quality of quality.


Production processes-20.png

Natural Raw Material
Research - 

Combine Oriental culture, Chinese traditional medicine principle, research and develop new natural raw material extraction, synthesis...make its effect in the product maximum embodiment.

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