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Body Glitter Is The Hottest Beauty Trend This Summer, Finds Cult Beauty

The UK-based online beauty retailer has analysed Google search data [1] of 420 beauty trends to reveal the top 20 most searched for beauty trends this summer.

According to the company, “body glitter” is the top beauty trend of the season but bright colours, bold looks and 90s-inspired trends are all having a major moment!

Cult Beauty has analysed Google search data of 420 beauty trends to discover the most searched for beauty trends this summer! The results show that summer 2022 couldn’t be much more optimistic if it tried, with a flurry of colour, sparkle, and 90s obsession!

The online retailer found “glitter” to be the top beauty trend this summer in the UK. With a staggering 137,270 searches in the past two months, the words “body glitter” were the most searched for summer beauty trend.

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The second most searched for beauty trend is “French tip nails with colour”, with 115,620 searches, proving that the dreary days have finally come to an end! Consumers are “embracing summer in all its colourful glory,” commented Cult Beauty.

Coming third in the rankings is “glossy lips” with 96,500 searches, one of the many 90s trends that feature on the list.

Actually, it seems this season is all about colour! Among the 20 trends, there’s “rainbow makeup” and “neon bright eye makeup.”

“Neon brights are no longer just for raves or children’s parties, with a total of 23,500 searches, it appears that many of us are wanting to bring some fun back into our makeup,” added the retailer. The bolder and brighter, seems to be the better this summer!

Graphic eyeliner is also making waves in the beauty world this summer with 54,200 searches, opening eyes to new and exciting ways to play with the classic wing.

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